Style feature in Midweek 7/22/15

Originally published in Midweek on July 22, 2015
Story by: Yu Shing Ting
Photos by: Bodie Collins
Layout by: Nikki Thommes
Models: Holly Larson and Mike Manago

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You may have seen the VH07V logo on T-shirts and stickers around town, and wondered what it means. Well, this week, MidWeek catches up with owner Edward Sugimoto (pictured at right) to find out.

“VH07V is a Hawaii lifestyle brand for those who live and breathe ALOHA every day,” he explains. “Whenever you wear your VH07V shirt, the logo sits right over your heart. When you look down at your heart, the ALOHA presents itself very clearly (since it is now right-side up). Every time you wear your shirt or see someone else wearing theirs, it is our subtle, yet daily reminder to keep ALOHA in our hearts.”

VH07V (Aloha Revolution) started as a grass roots, word-of-mouth operation in 2012, with Sugimoto selling T-shirts out of the trunk of his car. Since then, sales have continued to grow and multiply. Sugimoto, a graduate of Kaiser High School and father of two young daughters, also works as wireless manager at Oceanic Time Warner Cable, is a writer/blogger for Honolulu Star-Advertiser and founded the annual Rice Fest.

The VH07V product line includes T-shirts for men, women and children, as well as hats, stickers, lanyards, water bottles, and license plate frames. The entire collection is available online at You can also find them at monthly pop-up events throughout Oahu, and a limited/select supply at local retailers, including CGear at Aloha Stadium and Novel-T World Ward Warehouse. Sugimoto adds that they hope to participate in pop-up events outside of Hawaii, such as Japan, on the West Coast and Neighbor Islands.

For more information, visit VH07V on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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